About Us

We are a foundry experienced to found and work with various iron alloys. We’re also happy to assist you with post-processing and model manufacturing in cooperation with our partners.

Most of our production is focused on the Swedish engineering industry, especially machine builders. A small portion of the production is also focused on exclusive ornamentals and care for buildings that are cultural and historical protected.

What we cast:

We cast grey cast iron EN-GJL-200 to EN-GJL-300 and Spheroidal graphite cast iron EN-GJS-400-15 EN-GJS-700-2. The produced goods weighs between 0.5 kg and 350 kilos in top class. In some cases we can producing pieces weighing up to 700 kilos.

Also smaller series:

We hand or machine shape single products as well as larger series. There’s no job that is too small for us.

Fast Delivery:

Our company are adapting effective decision-making and a highly flexible production planning. This allows fast deliveries, when required.

High Quality:

Our company combines long experience with modern theoretical training. This guarantees highest quality. 90% of the production is orders from the Swedish engineering industry and the rest is production of public decorations and exclusive ornaments.